Dear Friends of the Foundation,

I was injured in the Summer of 2010 and each year as the season comes to an end, I find myself reflecting on ‘that day’ more so than usual. The car accident that changed my life forever. 

When I came across the PCSRF’s Summer Safety Appeal, I felt compelled to be part of it. 

For something as catastrophic as paralysis, even one person is too many - so I’m writing to you today so we can link arms and do something about it.

The mode of injury aside, there are over 13,000 Australians living with a spinal cord injury and unfortunately, newly injured people join the ranks every single day. 

What we see as physical paralysis is just the tip of the iceberg. Almost every body system is affected by a spinal cord injury. Apart from that, families are broken, careers are destroyed and financial security is lost. For our counterparts around the world, a spinal cord injury can be a fast death sentence without the first-world systems we have. As an unpredictable clock ticks by, people are desperate.
We have the opportunity today, to change the world.
We are at the cusp of solving one of the gravest problems that humanity has faced for millenia.
Around the world, we have seen giant steps made by well-known laboratories to cure paralysis.
We now have tangible results. More excitingly, the PCSRF is funding research right at our doorstep, at my proud alma mater the Griffith University, that aims to launch a clinical trial in 2020.

I invite you to rally around this cause, and support the PCSRF in whatever way you can. I am confident that one day, we can be proud of the steps we took together. 


Dinesh Palipana LLB, MD.

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Dr Dinesh Palipana

“When medical student Dinesh Palipana suffered a severe spinal injury in a car crash, he was told his dream of becoming a doctor was over.  Now he's Queensland's first quadriplegic doctor, working at one of the state's busiest hospitals.”  - ABC News

Click here to watch Australian Story "The Man in Bed 10" - aired on Monday 26th February 2018


The Spinal Injury Project

PCSRF proudly supports the work of Dr James St John and his team from the Spinal Injury Project based at Griffith University. With a team of 30 researchers working towards a human clinical trial planned for 2020. For more information on the project please contact

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