Can you imagine fleeing persecution and spending years in limbo, only to then face the task of rebuilding your life in an unfamiliar land?

This is the difficult reality for people from refugee backgrounds who’ve resettled here in the Illawarra – the people that SCARF support.

Our holistic, friendship-based approach aims to support refugee entrants during this challenging time, providing ongoing practical and social assistance through a range of targeted programs. 

By doing this, we aim to give refugee entrants the tools to build a secure, fulfilling and thriving life for themselves and their families in their new, safe home. 

A tax-deductible donation to SCARF will help to fund vital resources for these life-changing services, and will enable refugee entrants to unlock their potential and reach their goals in this new chapter of their lives.

A heartfelt and sincere thanks in advance for your generosity,

The SCARF (Strategic Community Assistance to Refugee Families) Team. 

You can visit our main website here.

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