Sleep out of your bed for those who don't have one!  

Take part in Swagtember during September, and make a real difference to people experiencing homelessness in Australia. All funds raised are donated to Street Swags to provide basic shelter in the form of a water proof swag. 

There are also prizes to the value of $4,000 up for Grabs!


Homeless Man


Become a Swaggie

Click on the Fundraise Now button, fill in some information and you're away! Although Swagtember starts in September, donations will be accepted until October 31, and on November 30 we'll award some fantastic Swaggie prizes! Check them out on the prize page

Any donation will help, but $99 can provide a homeless person with a water resistant swag and a good night’s sleep.


Our Brand new swag is called JUMBUCK. This Swagtember we want to raise enough funds to BREAK our record. LETS HANDOUT 1000 SWAGS. Lets change the lives of 1000 beautiful souls that have fallen on hard times.


Street Swags Ltd

Street Swags provide water-proof, basic shelter to people experiencing homelessness.

A bag with room for extra belongings, the Street Swag is made of high-quality Australian canvas that is mildew resistant and breathable, it also has a foam mattress. Designed for those living on the streets, its discreet appearance and camouflage colours, offer warmth, comfort and safety to those who need to be invisible.

The Street Swags are made by Australian prisoners who gain TAFE qualifications and skills, improving their chances of employment after incarceration, and helping to break the cycle of poverty, crime and homelessness. The swags are then rolled and packed by students who learn about giving back to the community.

Street Swags are incredibly important while someone is looking for accommodation. Over 116,427* people are homeless on any given night in Australia. Over 55% of all people are turned away while looking for immediate accommodation and over 80% of families are turned away.**

A Street Swag can save a homeless person's life when it's cold or wet outside.

*Census 2016 **Australian Institute of Health and Welfare’ 2009/10
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As a Swaggie you can simply sleep out of your bed for one night or more during September and ask your friends and family to sponsor you. You can camp on the lounge floor, in the backyard, at a campsite, in the bush, or even in your office.


You might even be able to hold your very own Swaggie slumber party to raise money. Have your friends over for a sleep over and have lots of fun while you also help the homeless.

Party (or Barbie, Fun Run, Morning Tea...)!

If a sleep-out isn’t for you, why not hold an event instead? Swaggies can hold any type of event. We've had offers of afternoon teas, barbecues, even a car rally so far! It can have a camp-out theme if you'd like--get those khaki’s and safari suits dusted off and let loose! All money raised will be used to give the homeless much needed swags.

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