Team Eureka is a passionate team of people who are putting their energies into a healthier future for all – because medical research matters.

Join QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute in the quest for a cure! Become part of Team Eureka, set yourself a physical challenge, and raise funds that can help save lives.

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           13-16 July 2017        



        1-5 November 2017                              18-20 August 2017       



            27 August 2017     


Other upcoming events are listed below.

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Brisbane Marathon 6 August 2017 

Qld Running Events Multiple dates

Events in other states

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One of the biggest challenges of medical research is not the science — it’s the funding.  In raising funds for us you are supporting critical and potentially life-saving research to discover treatments, prevention strategies and better therapies for cancer, mental health disorders, infectious diseases and chronic disorders like diabetes.

At QIMR Berghofer we are committed to translating our research discoveries from the laboratory and into hospitals, doctors’ surgeries and health institutions, to make life-changing treatments accessible for all.  The health of you, your family and friends could one day depend on the breakthroughs being made by our scientists―and made possible by you.

Thank you for choosing to raise vital funds for QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute.

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