Bright Blue was created in 2010 because of two very special children of serving WA Police Officers. They were living with a rare form of childhood cancer called neuroblastoma.

Their brave fight against such a devastating disease inspired the creation of a dedicated fund to support research into finding a cure for neuroblastoma. In 2013 the Emily & Charlie Fund was set up to support the Children's Cancer Institute Australia in Sydney. Bright Blue has committed to raise $615,000 by 2017 through the Emily & Charlie Fund to enable new drug discovery in the laboratory. 

The Emily & Charlie Fund will support RNA-sequencing on tumour tissue from over 100 children suffering from neuroblastoma.

The data from these experiments will provide invaluable resources for understanding neuroblastoma, not only for the researchers seeking cures at Children’s Cancer Institute Australia but also cancer researchers around the world. 

Bright Blue - Police Commissioner's Fund for Sick Kids

We're a not for profit, independent organisation creating a force for a brighter future.

We are on a mission to raise money for sick kids and their families in Western Australia.

Through your support, we can create a change.



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Neuroblastoma is a type of childhood cancer, that usually starts in the nervous system.

It is the most common solid tumour in early childhood.

Most children who get this cancer are younger than 5 years old.

Neuroblastoma makes up 8% of the total number of children's cancers.

There is an urgent need to better understand the causes of the disease.

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