Townsville Hospital Foundation is the official fundraising body for the Townsville Health Services District, providing the hospital with vital medical equipment,improve patient facilities,provide additional training and education for our medical professionals and of coarse fund innovative research projects.With over 120 dedicated volunteers we are able to effectively and efficiently deliver our many services and programs including our Canteen Trolley, Cancer Clinics Companionship, Emergency Department Angels, Children's Ward Programs.

The Foundation is dedicated to Making a Difference in the local community. Increased demand on the hospital’s facilities, and the rapid advancement of modern medical technology, means realising this goal is a never-ending task.

Townsville Hospital Foundation

Who is the Townsville Hospital Foundation?
The Townsville Hospital Foundation believes that everyone deserves a healthy and happy life. Unfortunately many will experience injury, trauma and illness some of which will be life threatening. Thankfully, The Townsville Hospital Foundation is here to help and support patients and their families during these times.
The Townsville Hospital Foundation exists to advance and enrich health care in North Queensland. Since our inception in 1989 the Foundation has been the conduit of millions of dollars in financial support to the Townsville Hospital. The Townsville Hospital Foundation is fully committed to improving the lives of local people with 100% of all funds raised, donated or provided through sponsorship are held locally for the benefit of our community

Our Reach
As Queensland’s largest regional Hospital, The Townsville Hospital and Health Service (THHS) is a geographically cast district covering approximately 150,000 km sq with a population of 240 000, servicing communities from Papua New Guinea, south to Mackay and west of Mt Isa.

The Townsville Hospital is a tertiary referral centre for North and Far North Queensland, stretching out to the northern Territory border in the west, Cape York and the Torres Strait Island and including the Gulf of Carpentaria and cities of Mackay and Cairns with a total population of 750,000.

Our mission is two-fold: to raise money to help our dedicated doctors and nurses provide the very best medical care they possibly can to the people of North Queensland, and to make the hospital experiences of the North Queensland community as pleasant as possible, through the selfless efforts of an army of 150 volunteers.

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