The vaccination and screening program have been seriously disrupted by the category 5 cyclone which hit Vanuatu on the 13th of March. Unfortunately, there were women who desperately needed health services, who now will have to wait or go without. ACCF must act urgently. It’s estimated that the cost of replacing the vaccines, vaccine fridges, screening equipment, facilities and consumables for the women of Vanuatu, is between $80,000 and $100,000. Please help restore these vital services for women and girls of Vanuatu.

To see what ACCF is trying to achieve in Vanuatu please watch the video in the sidebar to the right. ACCF would like to thank December Media and Genepool Productions (previously Pemberton Films) who produced the video.

Like many countries in the pacific, Vanuatu has one of the highest rates of cervical cancer in the world. 

In Vanuatu, 1 in 100 women have cervical cancer. 

"Cervical cancer should be an almost entirely preventable disease"
- Professor Ian Frazer, inventor of the cervical cancer vaccine.

There are little to no treatment options for women with cervical cancer in Vanuatu. Prevention is their only hope for the future.

Donate today to help us prevent cervical cancer in Vanuatu.

ACCF is working to deliver the HPV vaccine to young girls in Vanuatu in a vital step towards reducing their risk of developing cervical cancer.

We know that by vaccinating a girl against HPV we can reduce her risk of cervical cancer by 80%

5 out of every 100 women in Vanuatu have abormal cervical cells, which with early screening can be detected, monitored and removed; ensuring cervical cancer does not develop. 

A donation of just $20 will screen a woman in Vanuatu for cervical cancer.

ACCF is trialling the use of Qaigen HPV Testing for 5000 women in Vanuatu each year ensuring more women can access these early detection tests.

Donate today and save a life.

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Every two minutes, somewhere in the world, a woman dies of cervical cancer. The Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation (ACCF), is a small charity with a big vision: to eliminate cervical cancer. ACCF works to protect and enhance women’s health in Australia and in developing countries.

The women of Vanuatu need your help to prevent cervical cancer.

$20 will vaccinate a girl in Vanuatu against HPV, the virus which causes 90% of all cervical cancer.

$40 will screen two women in Vanuatu for cervical cancer. 

$100 will fund the transport of vaccine and trained nurses to help vaccinate one village.

Every dollar makes a difference - donate today and save a life.

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