Go silent for an hour or a whole day – and get sponsored to do it.

The money you raise will provide communication tools, speech therapy, behavioural training and communication devices for children who struggle to communicate verbally.

Week Without Words highlights the challenges of children who struggle verbally to communicate. For 95% of our children, conditions like dyspraxia, autism or cognitive difficulties make speaking an everyday challenge.

Children need effective communication systems, you can contribute to:

Speech therapists working with class teachers to identify the communication gap of every child with a verbal disability;

Children and their brothers and sisters being trained to use communication devices;

Programs to address behavioural issues that are linked to the frustration of not being able to speak or communicate so others can understand;

Reading programs so children can read signs and notices they see every day in the community;

Communication boards, voice output aids and ipads with communication software.

St Lucy's School

At St Lucy’s, we view each child individually to unlock their unique potential and encourage them to become independent. We provide a holistic education, offering outstanding academic programs taught by special educators.

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