Humpbacks and High-Rises

Humpbacks and High-Rises is a group committed to the research and protection of humpback whales and all marine mammals in the Gold Coast region.  Our work, in partnership with the Griffith Centre for Coastal Management, is focused on studying the adaptation strategies of these marine mammals, and the coastal impacts caused by urbanisation.  We strive to provide the information necessary for the sustainability of whales and neighbouring urban communities. 


Funds are desperately needed

Funds are desperately needed to continue our research, to determine how humpback whales and dolphins use the east coast of Australia and translate our research findings into effective protection for marine mammals in urban coastal zones to prevent strandings, entanglements and habitat loss.  Despite the whale population slowly recovering, humpback whales are still an endangered species in some countries and are threatened in Australia.  Increasing coastal development and expected current shifts in climate change are placing new challenges on the survival of this species. Help us to support whales and dophins. 

We can only make a difference if we know how!  Your donation will assist with the continuing field research studying health and behaviour from land, boat and air on these beautiful creatures in order to protect them for future generations.

  • $50 is the cost of one hour's boating time to survey whale numbers

  • $25 will assist with printing information flyers on humpback whale protection

  • $10 helps with the cost of tubes and petrie dishes for one DNA sample

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 Thank you for your support.  Your donation to Griffith University in support of this vital work will make a real difference.

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Griffith Centre for Coastal management 

At the Griffith Centre for Coastal Management, we aim to develop broad research and training agendas for coastal management. We work in partnership with the City of the Gold Coast to improve and develop new best practices. Our research is highly relevant to the sustainable management of urban environments in coastal areas, particularly in the city of Gold Coast.

Providing dynamic solutions for urban environments in coastal areas, and  managing beaches for our coastal lifestyle and tourism economy, the Griffith Centre for Coastal Management cares for our coast.

Griffith Centre for Coastal Management is a Partner Research Organisation of  Humpbacks and High-Rises.



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