White Wreath Association Ltd's main aim is to raise funds in order to establish Safehaven Centres for those who have mental health problems and especially for those when suicide threatens. We provide advocacy and support to person/s and families of mentally ill and provide support to families of suicide victims with all our services free.

White Wreath Association aims to:

  • Provide Advocacy and support to the sufferers of mental illnesses and their families.
  • Provide support to the family and friends of suicide victims through our National White Wreath Day held on the 29 May each year.
  • Raise awareness of the social impact mental illness has on our society.
  • Reduce the stigma associated with mental disorders through public awareness campaigns like White Wreath Day.

We are losing thousands of Australians each year to SUICIDE.

With your help we can reduce our alarming suicide statistics and build our centres to provide a brighter future and quality of life for those in need.

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