Big Battlefield Bike Ride 2017: Arnhem has now finished

10 Sep 2017 - 16 Sep 2017


$15 Can support a Mate's participation in a weekly BBQ, where social connections facilitate having a chat with fellow Mates and the chance to learn from guest speakers.

$52 Give a Mate a remedial massage to assist in the treament of their injuries and musculoskeletal conditions.

$68 Helps to fund a trauma sensitive yoga session for Mates in one of our Family Recovery Centres.

$155 can fund a Mate's participation in a 5 week cooking class covering the basics of knife skills, setting a menu, nutritional contnet of foods and cooking on a budget for their family in a fun and social environment.

$512 Support a Mate with career coaching session focused on CV development, career pathways and interview training.

$1014 Help provide a Mates' entire family with 10 sessions under our physical rehabilitation services, to ensure the whole family makes a long-lasting and positive change to a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

$1989 Sponsor a Mate to attend a five day intensive Equine Therapy Program. This program uses horses to hlep Mates with conditioins like anxiety and depression to build trust, confidence and wellbeing.

$6250 Sponsor a Mate to face the challenge which is Kokoda. This guided adventure challenge helps build resilience and physical wellbeing for a Mate on a track etched in Australia's Military history. 

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