Barambah Organics Noosa Breakfast Fun Run 2017 has now finished

03 Nov 2017


$10 – Will buy essential lab glassware researchers use every day to conduct experiments so they can better understand the fundamental questions of cancer, like how cancer cells divide, invade healthy cells and avoid death.

$25 – Will buy a researcher’s lab book (their bible) which holds daily documentation of new discoveries in the lab, such as viruses that can kick start the immune system to fight off breast cancer.

$50 – Will provide an hour on a high resolution microscope where researchers can follow a ‘day in the life’ of a live cancer cell to understand how and why cancer spreads to other parts of the body.

$60 – Will purchase donated breast tissue samples that researchers can use to develop more targeted breast cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy.

$100 – Will purify the DNA of 20 tumour tissue samples (biopsies) to identify new cancer gene mutations, which can help improve earlier detection of breast cancer.

$200 – Will buy a chemical compound that helps researchers study signalling pathways - a cell’s internal ‘road map’ that controls normal growth, but which cancer cells can easily manipulate in order to become resistant to chemotherapy.

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