2018 Wyndham Rotary Fun Run & Walk has now finished

01 Sep 2017 - 31 Mar 2018

As the only public hospital in Wyndham it is vital that we provide critical care services.
Mercy Health, Mercy Health Foundation, Werribee Hospital Foundation and the Wyndham community are working together to raise these funds and ensure the success of this vital project.

The issue of critical care
Each month Werribee Mercy Hospital transfers patients from the Emergency Department to other hospitals
for lifesaving support in critical care units (CCUs) because of a lack of these facilities in Wyndham. Patients and their families are often separated as the average distance to hospitals with a CCU is 35km.
A CCU is a vital resource in a busy hospital and the Wyndham community will finally have the CCU it needs and deserves.

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