Fun-Raise in School

Fun-Raise in School has now finished

04 Mar 2011 - 04 Mar 2014

The roaming nature of our program means that Clown Doctors are able to bring smiles and laughter to children who are bed ridden and non-mobile. Our humour therapy goes a long way in a hospital and can be useful to distract a child during a painful procedure, such as in the burns unit or the humour we spread can encourage children to try in physiotherapy and beyond.

In hospital, children have little control where tests and treatment must be carried out. By engaging with children at the bedside, Clown Doctors return control and power to children and always gain permission to enter a patient’s room or bedside space. Clown Doctors help a child overcome their isolation and improve their self confidence and dignity. Visiting family members are also touched by the power of humour, which alleviates their stress levels.

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