Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital has now finished

01 Jun 2011 - 30 Jun 2017

AZWH Wishlist


The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital is in urgent need of funding to buy supplies, including pain relief medication, betadine, cotton balls, saline flush, surgical gloves & gowns, lactose-free milk powders and other critical medical supplies.


 Saving our wildlife is not priceless. To give you an idea of costs, it takes:


 $10 - to help us feed an orphaned koala Joey for one day including bottle, teat and syringe.


$25 - to help us feed an orphaned kangaroo Joey for one week.


$100 - to help us care for critically ill patients by supplying heat pad and bedding in our intensive care unit.


$500 – to help us return confiscated wildlife back into the wild. This covers a vet check, rehabilitation and release of a confiscated snake that has been illegally taken from the wild.


$1500 – to help us perform life saving surgery to repair a broken limb and rehabilitate a koala that has been hit by a car or attacked by a domestic pet.

$7000 - Due to their specialised nature, koalas can spend months at the Wildlife Hospital and cost up to $7,000 to treat, from when they're are admitted until their release check. 



Please donate now to help us save sick and injured wildlife!

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