SWAGTEMBER 2018 has now finished

01 Aug 2018 - 31 Oct 2018


As a Swaggie you can simply sleep out of your bed for one night or more during September and ask your friends and family to sponsor you. You can camp on the lounge floor, in the backyard, at a campsite, in the bush, or even in your office.


You might even be able to hold your very own Swaggie slumber party to raise money. Have your friends over for a sleep over and have lots of fun while you also help the homeless.

Party (or Barbie, Fun Run, Morning Tea...)!

If a sleep-out isn’t for you, why not hold an event instead? Swaggies can hold any type of event. We've had offers of afternoon teas, barbecues, even a car rally so far! It can have a camp-out theme if you'd like--get those khaki’s and safari suits dusted off and let loose! All money raised will be used to give the homeless much needed swags.

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