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Foodbank Victoria

Foodbank Victoria is an independent not-for-profit organisation with almost 90 years’ experience providing food relief. We the largest provider of food relief in Victoria, including in times of disaster as part of the State Relief and Recovery Team.

Our vision is healthy food for all Victorians, yet 1 in 5 people – including children – go hungry each year.

Each month, we work with more than 400 charity partners around the state to feed more than 100,000 people a month — nearly one-third of whom are children.

To ensure we can reach as many people as possible, we work with food donors across the supply chain to source edible food from farmers, manufacturers and retailers. This often includes product that is out of specification, close to its best-before date, has incorrect labelling or damaged packaging, as well as excess stock and discontinued products. Without Foodbank, much of this food would simply go to landfill.

Unfortunately, donations of food don’t always meet demand. In an innovative approach to fighting hunger, we work with some of Australia’s leading food manufacturers to secure a sustainable supply of essential items for our Key Staples Program.

We also run programs in Victoria to target particular vulnerable groups, such as our School Breakfast Clubs and Farms to Families pop-up markets.

In 2017/18, we were able to distribute 8.4 million kilograms of staple, fresh and frozen foods, personal hygiene items and household products. This volume is the equivalent of putting 15 million meals on tables for people in need.


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