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Garvan Institute of Medical Research

Disease. At some point, we all have to face it. Sometimes the fight is quick and easy; sometimes it’s a lifelong struggle. But no matter what fight we face - whether it’s in our bodies, in our loved ones, in our minds or in our hearts, we always hope for a healthier future.

And at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, we believe that future is within reach for everyone. In fact, we can see it. Through our world-class genomic research, we see a future where your DNA can be used to predict, diagnose and treat and ultimately prevent disease.

Through collaboration across different fields of research, we see a future where countless devastating diseases are no longer a death sentence. Through our never-ending pursuit of new discoveries, we see a future where medicine is revolutionized by understanding your DNA and treatment is personalized to you. This is how we fight at Garvan.


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