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Spinal Cord Injuries Australia (SCIA)

Every day one person across Australia will hear the dreaded phrase: “I’m sorry, but you will never walk again” You can imagine what a devastating impact these words can have on a recently injured person, their family, colleagues and friends.

SCIA’s focus is to get people ‘back on track’ following a spinal cord injury—finding the solutions to obstacles that may arise and providing support to ensure people with a spinal cord injury remain actively involved in personal, social and vocational activities. SCIA’s services encompass all of life, from hospital to home to workplace, and the organisation strives to develop programs to educate and support the SCI community. The organisation endeavours to provide the relevant information and services to assist those with a spinal cord injury, their family, friends and the wider community and to ensure that advances in research and service development throughout the world result in advances for those with a spinal cord injury here in Australia.


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