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CREATE Foundation

CREATE Foundation is creating a better life for children and young people in care. With over 45,000 kids in care, CREATE Foundation needs your help now more than ever!

Most children come into care after being neglected or physically abused and through no fault of their own. They often grow up in a series of different foster homes, often missing out on a lot of school and finding it difficult to form close friendships. When they are older, they experience higher levels of homelessness, drug or alcohol dependence, justice system involvement and early parenthood. CREATE works to change all of this through its programs and support services.

You can help to make a massive difference to the lives of these young people and help turn around these shocking statistics:

• 34.7% were homeless in the first year of leaving care
• 45.5% of boys were involved in the juvenile justice system
• 65% of young people did not complete year 12
• 28.5% were unemployed (national average = 9.7%)

Support CREATE Foundation to create a better life for children and young people in care!


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