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Carers Victoria

Carers Victoria is recognised as the leading body for carers and caring families in Victoria. We advocate, and provide carer services on behalf of carers in Victoria.

There are 774,000 carers in Victoria providing care and support to family members and friends with a disability, mental illness, chronic health condition, or who are older with care needs. Of these, approximately 220,000 are primary carers, 80,000 of whom are under the age of 25. As our ageing population numbers increase, so will the need for unpaid carers. In our experience, carers often put the needs of the people they care for ahead of their own and do not always consider themselves as carers.

Carers Victoria provides a number of services and supports for carers living in regional, rural and metropolitan Victoria, including: information and advice, emotional support and counselling, educational support and training, and practical support and respite.


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