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Crohn's & Colitis Australia

For more than 25 years, Australian Crohn’s & Colitis Association (ACCA) has been making life more liveable for more than 75,000 Australian men, women and children living with these chronic illnesses.

Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis can be diagnosed at any age, though it is most commonly diagnosed in people aged between 15 - 35 years when education, career and family building are at a peak.

While we invest in research and wait for a cure for inflammatory bowel disease, CCA will continue to advocate for world best treatments and health services for those living with Crohn’s and colitis. Through our programs we offer education and support for Australia’s growing Crohn’s and colitis community. Importantly, our services are offered free of charge. As we receive no funding from government sources, we rely on the generosity of volunteers, donors and community fundraising to continue our work.

Please note that donations over $200 are normally acknowledged in our magazine and annual report.

Please advise us if you do not wish your donation to be publicly acknowledged by phoning us on 1800 138 029 or email:


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