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ReadyStepGrow is all about unleashing the magic and potential in every premmie. We are a Melbourne based social enterprise (charity) who believe in giving you and your prems the best start!
Developed by an expert multidisciplinary team, the ReadyStepGrow program focuses on empowering parents of prems. We do this by providing a play-based program using the research that has been shown to optimise outcomes.
Because 50% of premmies go on to experience learning and developmental challenges early access to this information is vital. At ReadyStepGrow we know the earlier the better! Our programs are suitable for prems and their families from the time of hospital discharge, throughout all early stages of development and into the primary school years.
ReadyStepGrow is the only service in Australia (and possibly the world!) specialising in what the prematurity experience may mean for the learning and development of prems.
"This is an absolutely amazing program and I have got so much out of it! Register now - it's life changing!!" Erin Hickey (pictured)


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