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Variety Australia Limited

Variety gives children who are sick, disadvantaged or who have special needs life-changing help when they need it most.

It’s where they find comfort and practical support, when government assistance isn’t available and they can’t afford specialist care and equipment.

Every child deserves the chance to live life to the fullest. Variety makes sure children and their families get the help they need in all sorts of ways through life-changing programs:

Future Kids: Having the chance to make the most of an education is the bridge to a brighter future.
Variety helps children unlock all the joys of education, whether it’s technology, music, sport, therapy or a scholarship. Variety also proudly provides a range of support to special education and disadvantaged schools.

Freedom Kids: For many children, moving and communicating better means greater independence, freedom and self-esteem. A wheelchair, a walking aid, a modified vehicle or a communication aid can make an incredible difference for children and their families.

Caring For Kids: Learning that your child needs access to a rare and often expensive piece of medical equipment or service can be a daunting experience. Variety make sure families, hospitals and organisations don’t miss out, helping them with feeds, insulin pumps, wigs, nappies, oxygen pumps and more.

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