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OneSight Foundation

OneSight is a global foundation, founded by Luxottica – a world leader in eye care and eyewear.

OneSight believes everyone should have access to world class eye care regardless of circumstance. For over 25 years, OneSight has provided free eye health checks and eyewear to over nine million
people around the world. We are committed to helping people see more clearly through clinics, research and education programs.

In Australia, OneSight has partnered with OPSM, Laubman & Pank and other Luxottica brands to improve the vision of more than 200,000 people in need. We harness the energy and expertise of over 600
optometrists and 4,500 employees to give back to the communities in which we live and work.

OneSight works in partnership with organisations such as the Salvation Army, Mission Australia and the Benevolent Society to help their clients in need, as well as providing vision clinics in schools, and regional, remote and Indigenous communities. We are there to support in times of natural disaster, such as the WA, SA and NSW Bushfires, QLD Floods and Christchurch earthquake, through the provision of free eyewear. In partnership with our international colleagues and through OneSight’s global clinic program, we assist disadvantaged people in countries around the world.

Every donation OneSight receives helps to ensure eye care and eye wear for people who may not otherwise have access. Our work in low socio economic communities focuses on school aged children, ensuring children in need are given every opportunity to learn in the classroom, as well as adults living in difficult circumstances.

In regional and remote Indigenous communities, OneSight provides long term, sustainable eye health solutions in consultation with the community – playing our part in helping to Close the Gap in Indigenous health.

Help provide eye care and eye wear to disadvantaged communities and donate today!


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