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Fragile X Association of Australia

The Fragile X Association of Australia is a non-profit registered charity that provides support, information and counselling for people with Fragile X syndrome and their families. Fragile X syndrome is the most common inherited form of intellectual disability and the single gene cause of autism.

There is considerable lack of awareness of Fragile X, resulting in misdiagnoses and people missing out on the support they need. Today, around forty years after Fragile X was first identified, many people remain undiagnosed. It is estimated that every week in Australia one child is born who is fully affected by Fragile X and twelve children are born who are carriers.

Our aim is to help people with Fragile X to realise their full potential, provide information and support to people whose lives have been affected by Fragile X, promote undertsanding of people with Fragile X in the community and to raise public awareness of Fragile X Syndrome.

We provide specialised Fragile X multi-disciplinary clinics, information by phone and through our wesbite, DVD and quartererly newsletter and free counselling for people with Fragile X and their families and carers.


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