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Animals Australia

Animals Australia is the only national animal protection organisation that actively exposes animal abuse and promotes a cruelty-free lifestyle. We are Australia’s second largest and most dynamic national animal protection organisation, representing some 40 member societies and thousands of individual supporters.

Animals Australia has an unprecedented track record in investigating and exposing animal cruelty. In the past four years our work has resulted in four 60 Minutes segments exposing the cruelty in the live export trade and further segments highlighting animal cruelty on Today Tonight, Four Corners and Landline. Investigations in the Middle East have resulted in the first ever suspension of the live export trade (to Egypt) and to a benchmark prosecution of a live export company for cruelty.

Animals Australia believes that we can create a better world for all through promoting kindness to animals. Our goal is to significantly and permanently improve the welfare of all animals in Australia.

We are committed and unrelenting. We expose suffering, we educate the broader community, we research alternatives and we passionately and intelligently lobby governments to effect changes in laws to protect all animals. We have representation on all major state and national animal welfare committees.

We are a non-profit charitable organisation financed through community support. Our important work on behalf of animals is reliant on the generosity of our members and donors.


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