Fundraising Page Example

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1 – Donate now button (Top)

Every fundraising page has two prominent "Donate Now" buttons. Your supporters can make a donation to your charity, via your fundraising page, by clicking this button and following the simple prompts. Donations can be made with Visa, Mastercard and PayPal.

2 – Fundraising meter (Top)

This thermometer tracks your fundraising progress versus your target. Once it reaches your goal, please don't stop fundraising! Donations will continue to be accepted, and you can always 'update your target' via your Admin account.

3 – Picture or video (Top)

Personalising your page with a picture or video makes a real difference to your fundraising. You can easily add an image from your own library, or select one from ours. To use video, you just need to load it to YouTube and enter the YouTube code when prompted.

4 – Blog (Top)

The blog entry is where you tell your story about why you are fundraising, why your friends and family should donate. We have read some amazing stories and the more it comes from the heart, the more likely it is that people will support your goal.

5 – Charity, School or cause (Top)

This is where the profile and logo of your charity, school or cause will appear on your fundraising page. This has been provided by the charity, school or cause so your potential donors know more about where their donation is going.

6 – Supporters (Top)

When people make a donation, they are able to leave a message of support. It is great to see so many messages of encouragement on your page. Every time someone donates and leaves a message, you will receive an email advising you. Sometimes people choose to remain anonymous and we respect their decision to do so.